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Event Carpet Supplier Malaysia | Exhibition Carpet Tile & Roll

Aathaworld can supply carpet for your event, exhibition, residential and commercial application, from carpet tile, carpet roll to customizable size and pattern. Carpet is a type of textile floor that comprises a pile layer with some backing or underlayment, in which all of these can be supported by event carpet supplier in Malaysia. Pile was used to be manufactured by wool but new materials were then developed as technology advances to match the increasing demand of people starting from the early of the century at twentieth. For instance, synthetic fibers were made into the main production raw materials including polyester, nylon and polypropylene. The reason why synthetic fibers are used is because it is cheaper than wool and therefore very economical to have mass production to be run for the needs of the people. Event carpet supplier Malaysia says there is a strong synthetic material but then it would not be popularized since it is very expensive too, while there is no need to have such an element to be utilized as carpet flooring. The toughest element is known as Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibers (UHMWPE), it is ranked as the strongest in the world by specialists in which the optimum strength can be exceeding three thousands MPA. This thermoplastic polyethylene’s subset is a kind of high-modulus long chain (extremely long chains) where its technical reading on molecular mass ranges between three point five to seven point five million in AMU. This is the major polymer applied for joints and oftenly put into the manufacturing of acetabular cups since the biocompatibility is awesome while it is also not toxic as well as it is equipped with superior strength of impact resistance.

This ultra-high-molecular-weight (UHMW) is one of the mat