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Guard rail Supplier Malaysia | Supply & Install

Highway Guard Rail Malaysia

Guard rail is one of common and important product to be found on highways, bridges, road, etc to ensure keep the vehicle safe. It is also known as guide rails since it is not designed to prevent a vehicle from going off the road but more intended to steer and "guide" vehicles back onto the road. The idea also allows the guard rail to provide further protection for the pedestrian along the road and prevent head-on collision of car accidents. The guard rail is usually manufactured from a steel fabricator and the main material is made up of hot-dip galvanization to ensure the guard rail have enough strength to withstand vehicle impact force and the zinc in the hot-dip galvanization is also able to reduce any further corrosion. Another possible product includes PVC traffic barrier, precast traffic barrier, etc is also possible for either temporary or permanent guard rail usage. Most of the highway or any standard road guard rail is required to be certified by certain safety standard to implement and as for Malaysia is SIRIM. Not all guard rail is required to be SIRIM approved but the uncertified will only be allowed to use on other purposes such as garden, livestock fence, and etc. Usually finding a guard rail supplier is easy such as Aathaworld as most steel fabricator can produce the guard rail but only required to be certified by SIRIM.

Precast Guard Rail Malaysia

Guard Rail Type Guard rail has a different type available to be implemented and is always best to let the specialist choose the appropriate to maximize its protection. The Guard rail is also mainly produced in a bunch from a fabricator and usually pre-planned will reduce any wastage. Unappropriated guard rail will inflict serious accident such as striking a guardrail with a flat buried end treatment will become airborne. The airborne vehicle will cause more collision damage and possible the driver and others will suffer fatal injuries. The highest specification of guard rail usually is implemented o