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Poly Pipe Supplier Malaysia | Polyethylene & More

Industrial Piping System Malaysia

Polypipe is the production of polymer piping systems for the use of residential, commercial, civils and infrastructure sectors. Pipe main objective is to transfer flowable substance from one point to the destination such as liquid, gas, small object and possible to become the protection layer of cables connectors for communication. It is one of the most important aspects of civil constructions and urbanization. The piping applications including drainage, plumbing, water supply, water management, cable management, heating ventilation & air conditioning(HVAC), gas pipe, debris chute, gutter downpipe and etc. All industries, residential and commercial project must be equipped with poly pipes as the metal piping might require higher maintenance due to corrosion and weather issue after long term installation. Before poly pipe is introduced, metal pipes are the most common material for pipeline and early days metal has a very high value compare to polymer product. So now in the recent, normal grade metal can be recycled easily and fetch a fair price while poly pipe would not and in fact the world top 2 most recyclable product is metal which is steel and aluminum. So the valuable metal pipe is not suitable to use and poly pipe is introduced. Aathaworld Sdn Bhd has around half a decade of experience on doing poly pipe supplying and installation so consulting us to find the appropriate pipe system is most suitable since poly pipe in nowadays is not cheap and must be usable for a very long time without causing a problem. All the mention poly pipe below is not bio-degradable but most of it can be recyclable and rebuild with the same grade so that our environment would be protected in the future.

HDPE Pipe Malaysia

HDPE Pipe HDPE Pipe or High-density Polyethylene Pipe is considered the industrial common pipe system. This is because the HDPE pipe is high quality and high-pressure pipeline that suitable to transfer gas and fluid. It is a very tough and durable product that normal food chemical or exposing to weather would not degrade its material. The HDPE material is normally used as food containers, plastic bottle, chemical containers, lab equipment and many more. It is also good at corrosion resistance and would not cause much environmental issue during implementation. Its application includes factory piping system, commercial piping system, plantation piping system, civil construction piping system and laboratory piping system. Due to its high usage and high resistant in nature, it fetches a high price and must consider its usefulness in before deciding it for the installation. HDPE pipe can also be added with extra carbon black to withstand UV of sunlight but normally it should be avoided for exposure since extra carbon black also come with extra pricing and HDPE pipe usually transfer important substance such as water and gas that should stay out of sight at all cost for security purposes. Most underground transmission cable such as internet and telephone cable also uses the HDPE pipe as the protection layer. Usually, a mix and match would be the way of reducing the piping cost and hiring professional such as Aathaworld to provide you the consultation would greatly benefit your piping project.

PVC Pipes Malaysia

PVC Pipe PVC Pipe or Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe is the common pipe system for residential drainage and sewage usage. PVC does not have high acidic resistance so any highly acidic chemical should avoid direct contact and if not possible then it must make it neutral before pouring to the pipe drainage. PVC pipes are also commonly seen to use as the gutter downpipe on normal household and high rise building. PVC is very flexible, easy to install and low in price too. The PVC pipe that we usually saw on outdoor is usually treated with extra water-based coating for extra UV resistant and degradation resistant overtime. A PVC pipe is a much more economical piping system to be used and certain wiring and cable can also use it as a shield protection layer. Normal plantation or farming area can also use PVC piping for the irrigation since it has a lower price than HDPE piping and more lightweight for easy handling and customization too. A PVC pipe is more Do It Yourself (DIY) capable so usually, the pipe can be cut to different size and shape for different purposes such as plantation, livestock feeder, sprinkler, bike rack, furniture, etc. PVC pipes are very customizable and you can find many idea and design on the internet and you can consult Aathaworld for any of your amazing design and idea.

Polypipe Malaysia

Other pipes ABS pipe or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Pipe is another pipe that similar to PVC pipe usage but with extra impact resistance. This allows the pipe to have extra weight to be put on top of the pipe and normal PVC pipe would be easily crack or puncture when a high external force is exerted on the body. Most household plumbing is suitable to install especially the underground piping. ABS pipe does not work well with chemical like PVC pipe so any chemical with high acidic should be disposed of properly. PP pipe is also another pipe that similar to PVC pipe but it is lighter weight than PVC, better chemical resistance and higher heat resistance too. Its common application is the HVAC piping system, chemical drainage systems, industrial process, high purity water, hot and cold water distribution, and gravity sewer systems. To understand which poly pipe is most suitable for your piping requirement and you can always consult with Aathaworld for any technical info and possible alternative.

Sewage Plant Piping System Malaysia

Where to find Poly Pipe Supplier in Malaysia Aathaworld Sdn Bhd supply and install poly pipes that is applicable for interior and exterior, indoor and outdoor, light and heavy industrial usage, residential, infrastructure, commercial, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, sewage plant, water treatment plant as well as other customizable specification for any vitrified clay pipes, HDPE pipe. As a poly pipe supplier, fabricator, installer (contractor) in Malaysia, we are able to provide customizable manufacture, full service consultancy, supply and install for your project including renovation, repair, refurbishment and new in Klang Valley, KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, JB Johor Bahru, Penang, Malacca (Melaka), Seremban Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Pahang, Kuantan, Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis, Alor Setar Kedah, as well as Sabah and Sarawak for East Malaysia; Moreover, we can also the poly pipe manufacturer, supplier and project contractor for other countries in Southeast Asia (SEA) such as Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei. Submit your poly pipe materials sourcing requirements today, either you are looking for related product or installer for new or existing piping repair, replacement in Selangor, KL Kuala Lumpur, or other states in Malaysia. Submit your inquiry to us today at or call (WhatsApp) to +(60)11-7001 1003 (Monday to Friday) or +(60)11-1188 1003 (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday).

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