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Reporting Structure Malaysia

The reporting structure is crucial for good office and site management, this is to ensures efficiency and workability. Not every organization has a good management system that can monitor and execute those plans well, we must be aware of the risks and rewards if the thing did not being carried out nicely. There are many ways to generate effective office and site reporting structure, organizationally with roles and responsibilities. Furthermore, we shall understand that there could be loopholes even if the designs are nice. In order for the team to work on those pre-programmed deals seamlessly, teamwork should be there to support as a base. The more we handle things nicely, the lower the cost of the operation, hence, the higher the profit. For the sake of illustration, we need to present properly to the board members as well as the core management team. The paper works shall be organized without the hassle and it should be our pleasure to make a change to the team’s overall structure, for the purpose of improvement. In and out for working personnel is normal, but then, retaining talents require tremendous efforts to come up with the scheme.

Organizational Structure Malaysia

Office employees or white collar category reporting scheme shall be easier and estimate to have a softer implementation method as compared to blue collar management. The blue collar working team management that we are mentioning here would be the site or production, fabrication yard or any labour intensive one. Hierarchy is needed but we cannot emphasize too much onto it, because it will harm the creativity culture that we are supposed to build, the transparency as well as flatter working relationship. There are certain parts in the organization in which we cannot too harsh in term of cultivating those directions that we wanted it to be. On the other hand, we should be overseeing most of the teammates by using standard operating procedure as well as manual (handbook). For instance, we shall have undistruptable policy that once set, even C-level executive must obey and strictly comply to it. It is harmless to do so, just like the laws are above every citizen to govern the society. Nevertheless, we need to appreciate the function of human resource department as they are the one who always work tirelessly for the good sake of the company healthiness in managing manpowers.

Employee Management Malaysia

Payroll must be punctual to especially site workers in the construction company, putting aside the white collar office employees (it applies the same theory). Monetary rewards are direct incentives and motivations for people to move forward, since they have to feed themselves, families and other necessities. Additional desires and luxuries can be fulfilled when a proper incentivized scheme is ready in the organization. Putting it that way, most of the people work for money, promotion and glory too. When the reporting structure is flexible enough for talented executives, middle management to any team leaders to climb upward, they will work hard and try to grow the company more than owners too. Many of the sites could create issues when the structure is unclear, therefore, we must always ready to make changes to cope with any potential problem arises. Creating a minor mild competition between different team can improve the productivity, it is very wise to make some oppositions on top of that.

Office Culture Malaysia

How to Create Good Reporting Structure and Culture in Malaysia

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Business Structure Malaysia

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