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Sheet metal is a thin and flat metal piece that gone through industrial manufacturing which applied in metalworking as a base, it can be further processed into many shapes for different application through bending, cutting, milling. In Malaysia metal fabrication industry, any sheet thickness less than 6mm is addressed as leaf or foil, and greater piece is known as plate. Additionally, metal sheet can be stripped further into coiled strips by continuous metal sheet running in a roll slitter. Cold rolled strip (or stripped steel) yielded from pickled hot rolled strip before reduction of the coil through single stand cold roll steel mill or others.

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Sheet metal fabricator in Malaysia normally can process a wide range of metals including tin, nickel, copper, brass, titanium, aluminium and mostly importantly, the steel. Steel metal is one of the top and has widest application among all the other metals; hence, steel metal fabricator in Malaysia is expanding at an extremely fast growth rate compared to other metal fabrication. However, industrial application has the highest proportion among all others although sheet metal can be applied to many industries such as pharmaceutical, roofing, automotive, aviation, electrical, marine, equipment, military, food & beverage.

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Metal sheet bending in Malaysia is undeniably crucial to the manufacturing process, the steel plate bending is actually deforming the axis in order to change the geometry on the work piece (metal sheet shaping without affecting the volume of material sheet, although thickness might have some tiny change). Some steel plate bender in Malaysia can bend the sheet without distressing the thickness. For beautification and safety purpose, the edges sharpness and surface burnishing can be done by plate bender Malaysia without compromising the stiffness and other strength values.

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Steel metal fabricator Malaysia can cater for many industries and applications, being custom made by different machines such as sheet bender, C type power press, pillar type power press that utilized to bend and cut thicker material in a larger force (lesser noise and faster in speed). Hydraulic (can be CNC type) and mechanical press brakes are using hydraulic pressure and electric motor respectively that operated for high accuracy, precision and speedy metal bending requirement; of course, when come to volue small metal sheet cutting, hydraulic shearing machine will be used for both metal and non-metal materials.

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According to metal bending specialist in Malaysia, there are many other bending, cutting and rolling machines inclusive of pyramid type bending roller (use for cone making, marine vehicle parts, wind mills etc.), hand operating bending. At the same time, metal bending fabricator in Malaysia also uses much of bender that is hand-operated utilized in heavy large industries and able to do punching, bending, cutting and shearing of metal sheets.

Metal bender supplier in Malaysia has to be capable in bending rod and tube because the manufacturing line nowadays require much services in these, as small as from handles to oil and gas application. Metal tank is also very important products that metal sheet bender in Malay