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The skylight is also known as rooflight whereas it is a structure that can transmit light, forming up the building’s roof space either in round, domed, flate, pyramid or other special shapes. These roof windows can be made by plastic, glass, polycarbonate or more. Skylight supplier in Malaysia says that it consists of several kinds, including tubular, fixed and ventilating, these skylighting category can even be broken down to sloped glazing, tubular daylighting devices (TDDs), unit skylights, roof windows and custom skylights. The functions of it are a lot, consisting of daylighting that directs sunlight or indirecting toplighting to the premise, it also enables the outdoor views connected to occupants including the beautiful sky full of stars during night time; further to the point, it can provides ventilate the room through passive natural fresh air exchanging while providing operable solar heating that suitable to countries that have four seasons (especially the winter). Unglazed roof hole design for the roof is known as open skylight, those cannot be moved one if known as fixed skylight while the retractable unit is called an operable skylight. There are a lot of features that can be enjoyed after installation of skylight, including the natural light and its authentic beauty. Skylight supplier Malaysia claims that with the fixed indoor room sizes, additional sunlight from the sky will enhance the brightness while the room space will look bigger than it is. It can be installed in the office, home to even a showroom. There will be an elevation of mood due to the modern charm and elegance feeling brought to the property. Comfortable and warm welcome are the message brought-able to tenants as well as visitors with ambience built with skylight. For example, the washroom with bright sky roof or ceiling will make someone be more well prepared in terms of appearance, making up the daily routine to a confidence level that is higher than usual. Nevertheless, appropriate ventilation in the bathroom makes the users feel more energetic and comfortable from using it every time in accordance with the skylight supplier in Malaysia.

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Many people do notice and agree that with proper ventilation in the toilet is as important as in the kitchen where the place is full of oily and heavy air as well as smell. Toilet specialist will always make light and air exchange the key elements to be designed during specification. There are several ways to make two of these aspects well made in the toilet construction or renovation, including exhaust fan installation for the sake of moisture and smell removal as well as light bulb to brighten the room. Skylight supplier Malaysia will propose this alternative way to replace both of these, since open or retractable sky ceiling (sky roof) will have both functions, the light and fresh air exchange ventilated into the bathroom naturally without the consumption of electricity. Odor of bathroom and kitchen can be removed by installation of skyroof, subsequently decreasing the application of cleaning agents that might frequently cause the respiratory issue. In addition to bill saving on electricity consumption, the materials and labour cost to make such an acquisition are also cheaper than mechanical ways. Affordability is another selling point where home or office owners shall consider to invest for new buildings or during renovation plans. However, skylight supplier in Malaysia says even with the openness of the ceiling, no worries on privacy too as the inclining degree and height can be pre-designed with the consideration of potential neighbours surrounding your building. Some might want to only install to certain ceiling heights and at some rooms that have no concern on privacy factors. There are few areas that can be the examples, kitchen, living room, dining room that no worries on transparency. Rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms or study rooms might require more privacy but the skylight should be installed on top of the room instead of sideways as usual. Skylight supplier Malaysia has to study the overall room usage, position in conjunction with the ambience when they advise the customers to do the installation of the skylight, glazed canopy, sky roofing, sky ceiling to other designs. It is important to get consultation for the kind consideration of skylight installation from specialists since many small sized rooms can be utilized better by its limited space that cannot be installed with windows or its position in the building has no access to outside sunlight.

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Furthermore, air quality can be enhanced through the natural air circulation of the working and living spaces. Take industrial buildings as an example, whereas the usage of electricity for long hours might be more expensive to commercial shop lots since the areas required to be in operation are larger and therefore the quantity of its ventilation fan, cooling place, lighting need to be more. The installation of polycarbonate roofing or glass ceiling by skylight supplier in Malaysia has become more important than the other two types of properties (commercial and residential). Imaging a factory that work in a very enclosed place by workers, where the heat energy in the premise has no way to be released without the installation of exhaust fan (commonly, mushroom turbine type will be used for metal sheet rooftop). With proper design of operable skyroofing made by transparent or translucent polycarbonate panels, natural skylight can be enjoyed to save electricity while the ventilation can be there to function too. Eco-friendly or environmentally responsible are always the trend of building design, from the certification of green building index to enjoy government tax incentive programs to corporate social image in front of the general public, especially the stakeholders such as customers who support the producer. Skylight supplier Malaysia can definitely provide the lighting solution that is charming enough to light up the plants while making sure the maintenance cost due to consistently upkeep can be saved.