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Swimming pools for both commercial and residential are important in a project, because it requires specialists to ensure the base structure, pressure, waterproofing, depth level, aesthetically to maintenance are perfectly incorporated when they are first drafted to real construction. Let us start with the term “pool” whereas it is often referred to the pool table game or water pool. Water pool is actually suitable for swimming when proper conditions are incorporated. Even though a lake is classified as a water pool according to definition, it is not an awkward scenario to see people use that pool formed by nature originally to swim. According to a swimming pool contractor in Malaysia, water in the lake is safe and better to be used for leisure activities if it is live water. Layman’s understanding of water that has life, is when the water is having regular circulation of going through a nature cycle. For instance, the lake that is connected to the waterfall is undoubtedly a live lake.In addition to that, many people like to carry out their water activities near the waterfall because many essential advantages such as the creation of negative ions since airborne can be cleared in the air and usually people claim that the breathing air near waterfall is cleaner and fresher. Swimming pool contractor Malaysia has studied that many rural region households enjoy a lot in waterfalls as they might have nearer access to it than those people staying in urban or developed cities. Citizens in bigger towns usually sign up for their gym or staying in the community that has club house or pool facilities, including those people who live in the condominium whereas shared facilities usually consist of a pool.

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Let us go back to the topic of natural waterfall in which mold spores, viruses, pollen and bacterias can be cleared off while cigarette smoke, pet dander and dust in the air are also normally cleaned by negative ions. Explanation of difference between negative ions and positive ions is that the electrical charge carried by each of them, positive charge is by positive ion while negative charge is by negative ion. According to a swimming pool contractor in Malaysia who has experience, shares that negative is basically oxygen atoms that carry additional electrons that have been charged negatively while positive ions are described as its molecules losing more electrons or only one. Negative ions can be found a lot in nature, including forest, ocean surf, mountain, after a thunderstorm or at the beach side besides the waterfalls. Negative ions are invisible like positive ions, they are tasteless and also odorless but negative ions produced by water in motion create vitality and energy to nature, including the human body. Statistically shows that the optimal amount of negative ions shall be around one thousand to fifty hundreds thousands that humans need. Swimming pool contractor Malaysia explains that waterfall has the natural negative ions required by humans, frequent visit there is good for people too. Waterfall is defined as an occurence in which meltwater falls over the tabular iceberg’s edge or the ice shelf. Furthermore, it is also a series of steep drops vertically by flowing water to the river stream. Ordinarily observation shows that waterfalls usually exist in the river’s upper course while lakes form at the steep mountain. Waterfalls might range from different depths and widths, depending on the position of landscapes. Swimming pool contractor in Malaysia studied that classification of waterfalls can be up to around ten various kinds, by using the descend methodology; for example of the core one are including Multi-step Waterfalls, Chutes, Frozen Waterfalls, Block Waterfalls, Fan Waterfalls, Cataracts, Punchbowl Waterfalls, Plunge Waterfalls, Cascades and Horsetail Waterfalls. There are ranking in the globe of the largest waterfalls, including Niagara Falls that located at the North America (both Canada and USA), approximately one hundred and sixty seven feet run, Angel Falls which is located at Venezuela, part of South America at the size of roughly three thousands two hundreds and twelve and the Africa’s Zimbabwe one, known as the Victoria falls with the height of three hundreds and fifty four. Since waterfalls are being measured by its cascading flow of water (descending type), any height ranging from five feet to twenty feet can be categorized as a waterfall too.

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Swimming pool contractor Malaysia says that the pool can also be divided into a few types in addition to swimming pool, including salt pannes and pools, spent fuel pool, tide pool, stream pool, plunge pool, reflecting pool. Spent fuel pool is a facility applied to store up the nuclear reactor’s fuel rods, but swimmers might receive radiation in a minimum dose although some claim that it is a safe swimming venue due to the regular service and maintenance done by divers. The quantity of blue colour glowing in the pool-type reactor, will be utilized for the sake of radioactivity measurement. Spent fuel rods are having high radiation and it will still produce a lot of heat energy for a few decades, when someone accidentally falls down into it at the situation where water was not being cycling out frequently to keep the cool temperature, incredible hot fuel rods will burn the human. Tide pools are not encouraged to swim based on advice by swimming pool contractor in Malaysia, since anemones are there ready to sting their prey including humans. Tide pool is usually discovered in the intertidal area where land is connected with the ocean, ranging from steep long sloping sandy beaches, rocky ledges to vast mudflats. This isolated pocket pool of seawater is dangerous to the organisms staying there, even flipping through the rocks as well as walking across or even along it. Another type of pool is called the stream pool that by the name itself can roughly gauge the meaning, a silent and slow moving stream portion in the hydrology. Swimming pool contractor Malaysia adds that it is a river’s stretch that both water velocity and depth are below as well as above the average ordinary values respectively. There is one pool type that is not significant but worth to be mentioned, the salt pannes and pools that the water retaining depression located within the salt and brackish marshes.