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Green Building Index - Steps

STAGE 1 Application & Registration

Complete and submit the GBI Application Form with the Applicant’s contact details, project information and supporting documents to Greenbuildingindex Sdn Bhd (GSB). The Registration Fee will be set depending on the size of the project. Upon payment of the fees, a GBI registration number will be given and the GBI Terms and Conditions will be signed between the Applicant and GSB. A GBI Certifier will then be appointed for the project.

STAGE 2 Design Assessment (DA)

When the Applicant is ready he may then submit the project for GBI Design Assessment (DA) either directly or through an appointed GBI Facilitator. Submission should be done when all key criteria of the design are finalised and preferably before the commencement of construction so as to enable the project to be monitored and assessed in its entirety. The GBI Certifier will then undertake the Design Assessment for GSB. This may involve a presentation by the Applicant and their Project Design Team or by the GBI Facilitator. The GBI Certifier will upon completion, table the assessment report to the GBIAP to register and award the certification. The provisional GBI Design Assessment certification will then be issued with the accompanying GBI score sheet to show the scores achieved.

STAGE 3 Completion & Verification Assessment (CVA)

Upon completion of the project, the Applicant should submit for the Completion and Verification Assessment (CVA). This is to be done within 12 months after the completion of the building or when the building becomes 50 percent occupied, whichever is the earlier. The final GBI award will be issued by the GBIAP upon completion of this CVA assessment. Buildings are awarded GBI - Platinum, Gold, Silver or Certified ratings depending on the scores achieved. Buildings will have to be re-assessed every three years in order to maintain their GBI rating to ensure that the buildings are well-maintained.

Remarks: The above photo and flows are taken from GBI at

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