Metal Fabrication Malaysia | Industrial Equipment & Part

December 24, 2017

Metal fabrication in Malaysia involves several industrial process such as shaping, cutting, drilling, moulding of metal raw materials into finished ready-to-use metal products. Without a doubt, among metal categories, steel has the most popularity in metal custom made fabrication in Malaysia. From building material, industrial equipment, structural to loose metal accessories application, steel is widely being seen and utilized in factory operation, infrastructure to building elements. Hence, metal fabrication Malaysia is so important and the number of metal fabrication supplier in Malaysia grows every year to meet the increased demand in metal products series.

Metal is tough yet versatile in application and industries dimensionally; metal fabrication Malaysia covers from metal sheet, metal bars, metal rods, metal tank, metal pipe to many others. Custom made fabrication services can be done by metal fabricator Malaysia, in term of design consultancy and manufacturing aid. Made-to-design, built-to-order parts service are a must capabilities acquired by metal fabrication factory in Malaysia.

Design and Engineering

Custom metal fabrication services Malaysia are extremely important for the product development stages, either from an individual component fabrication to complete manufacturing production. The phases are comprised of the design or R&D, manufacturing, finalizing and assembly before delivery. Design or Research and Development (R&D) stage is a very crucial beginning to the metal fabrication, it is applicable to new requirement but yet this stage does not always apply. It involves the forming of product features or part functionalities, including modification of existing product system. Metal fabricator in Malaysia has to be competitive enough as in having a full team in design and engineering, re-engineering, fabrication, assembly and installation in order to gain a reasonable market share in the heavy industry.

Manufacturer of metal fabrication Malaysia should have also wide machineries such as lathe, milling, turning, drilling, shaper, broaching, grinding, planer and many more. These machineries help to complete complex manufacturing process, for example, turning machine can do lathe, facing, boring, spinning, kurling and cutoff. Lathe in metalworking for instance, involves the workpiece removal by applying hardened cutting tool, in which it is being mounted on a solid moveable base apparatus. It can be controlled by handwheel or computerized motor (computer numerical control, CNC). The cutting tools come in square, diamond, triangular and round in order to produce extensive shapes and sizes.

Metalwork and Fabrication

Industry of metal fabrication in Malaysia has been around for more than hundred years, especially lathe machine which helps to produce numerous machine parts and its maintenance repair works. As metal fabrication demand grows, there is a need to enhance the production speed by having more machines and labour force; However, it will not be the case due to the hiked machine and labor cost without an underlayment support from metal parts market selling price. Therefore, CNC lathe was introduced to the metal fabrication Malaysia as technology advances to solve these problems. CNC machine fabrication in Malaysia enable wider range of metal product type can be lathed, the production volume can be enhanced in comparison with manual lathe machine. In addition to this, it makes Malaysia metal fabrication services more competitive in worldwide market, higher productivity and economies of scale lower the cost, subsequently improve the precision level.