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Although motors and drives may sound familiar and mistakenly associated with similar devices, it is not to be confused that they both are entirely different electrical devices with independent functions in accordance to motor drive supplier in Malaysia. A motor can be described as a mechanical and electrical device that generates the rotational or linear force used to power a machine; while a drive is the electronic device that harnesses and controls the power source transmitted to the motor. Unbeknownst to the general public, most tend to think that the speed of rotation of motors is solely controlled by the applied voltage and frequency of the source current, but the advent of electrical drives allowed the precise control and optimization of the motion and speed of an electrical machine. In short, the function of drives is to modify the power input to the motor in order to achieve the desired output for various kinds of process controls. Motors controllers and drives work collectively as an electrical control system to regulate motor speed, torque and position outputs with motor drive supplier Malaysia. The controller circuits are commonly integrated with the drives as a stand-alone unit in most applications, as such the terms motor drives and controllers are often used interchangeably. As a whole, a motor and drive form a drive system, whereby the electric motor is assembled together with a sophisticated control system that controls the rotation speed of the motor shaft. Modern technology has made the usage of these drives even easier with the help of a software interface. As drive systems consist of many intricate parts and components of varying specifications, it is best to consult a professional electrical contractor or drive specialist, such as Aathaworld for your power requirements.

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Brief Introduction to Motor Types

The most common type of motors can be classified into AC and DC motors, and can be further branched down according to the power requirements. Direct current motors are relatively more expensive as they require a direct current source, meaning it needs to be connected to a converting device to convert normal alternating current into direct current. Their advantage is that they are capable of operating at adjustable speeds over a wide range and are ideally suited for accurate and flexible speed control, that being said, they are usually restricted to special applications to compensate for the much higher installation and maintenance cost. Alternating current motors, on the other hand, are the more common type as it can be easily fed by the AC power supply offered from motor drive supplier in Malaysia. Synchronous motors are three-phase AC motors which run at a fixed speed and are normally applied for larger outputs due to their relatively high cost. A rather more popular type of AC motor is the induction motor as it combines many advantages such as low cost, ease of supply and distribution, simple handling and controls; it is, therefore, versatile and suitable for almost all types of machines. To summarize AC motors are generally preferred for compressor power drives, air conditioning repressors, hydraulic and irrigation pumps; while DC motors are ideal for applications requiring stable speeds torques and operations such as steel mill rolling equipment and paper machines.

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Understanding Electronic Drives and Their Types

It is important to understand the basic functionalities and how-to’s of a drive system as matching drives to motor requires a specific selection and motor drive supplier Malaysia says that it is essential to gain the best combination of torque, speed, and efficiency. A drive provides many different frequency outputs which produce a unique torque curve. In detail, the drive’s control board signals control circuits to turn on the waveform during the positive or negative half of the power device; this alternating positive and negative switches recreates the three-phase output, providing constant magnitude voltage pulses. As aforementioned, selecting the right drive is critical to achieve the best performance, to draw a case in point, replacing a three-phase motor starter driving a fan with a variable frequency drive (VFD) permits the fan to operate at variable speeds and this allows energy savings as the system varies airflow without the need of an air outlet damper. Industrial drive supplier in Malaysia says that the system is used in many different applications across the factory floor, combining a suitable motor with a drive, sensors, switches and communication links as part of the Internet of Things (IoT). To simplify the complexity of your drive systems, consider hiring an electrical specialist, such as Aathaworld to provide you a one-stop solution to install your drive system.

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