Red Oak Supplier Malaysia | Floor and Furniture

Aathaworld is your preferred red oak supplier Malaysia who is able to do customized size of furniture, including door, flooring, window and other purposes while carrying out the installation works for you. Timber is without any doubt, our specialization of wood species including plywood, teak wood, europe oak, mixed wood, red indian walnut wood, maple wood, hard maple, kembang semangkok, meranti, dark red meranti, fir, cedar, plain sawn, chengal, balau, red balau, yellow balau, mdf board, nyatoh, kasah wood, ash wood, walnut wood, sapela, beech, oak, soft wood, kempas wood, ksk semangkok, wooden pallet, mahogany, rough sawn wood, pine (red and white pines), elm. While red oak has a wide ran

SPC Flooring Supplier & Contractor Malaysia | Supply & Install

Aathaworld is your preferred SPC flooring supplier and contractor Malaysia, we can do supply and install for your flooring using SPC vinyl floor. Many people might be confused about SPC and WPC vinyl floor in which SPC vinyl flooring is very similar to WPC vinyl, whereas SPC stands for stone plastic composite and it is definitely a type of vinyl flooring. This kind of engineered luxury vinyl is able to combine stabilizer and limestone just like the WPC vinyl in order for the creation of an extremely durable core to be formed. Since SPC vinyl is made up of these materials and it is actually resistant to dent, highly stable, structurally strong and most importantly, 100% waterproof instead of

Home Office Contractor Malaysia | Office Renovator

Aathaworld is your preferred home office contractor in Malaysia who can turn your sweet home to office, enabling office setup within the house despite of soho, studio, condominium, apartment, serviced apartment, bungalow, semi-detached house, terrace, duplex, townhouse, single storey, double storey, dual key residence, shoplot to any sofo and sovo. There are many types of office that can be renovated into home-feeling and the other way round. Major benefits of working from home or home-based office are including cozy clothes, no commuting, money-saving, customized environment, flexible schedule, convenient in making calls, zero office distractions, knocking off some to-do’s on weekends too.

Engineering Contractor Malaysia | Industrial & Commercial

Aathaworld is an engineering contractor in Malaysia that can assist in your project from scratch, design, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC). We cover industrial, commercial and residential projects for the region. Our own team of architect, consultant, engineering and construction will make sure every single stage of project offered by customers can be fulfilled with proper planning, discussion, execution to after-built coverage. Hassle-free appointment of contractors can be done if the customer wishes to get one single specialist to handle the overall projects, instead of getting multiple parties on their own. There are a lot of aspects needed to be taken care

Kiosk Contractor Malaysia | Design & Build

Aathaworld can do design and build for kiosk, booth and mobile cart for many types of product display as well as for sales. Usually kiosks in malls can be used for food stands, food service facilities that are temporary. For example, when there are events like fun fairs, those kinds of food booths are those we will use in the mall too. A good food kiosk shall have several features where it has the canopy that allow it to be used outdoors to shade the owner and customers away from sunlight, rain and other potential foreign objects. In addition to this, it also enables the enclosures to be kept within the roofing of the built-up so it will not be so transparent to block up the sights of all vi

Light Tower Supplier Malaysia | Purchase and Rental

Aathaworld is able to supply light tower either through rental or actual sale to users ranging from developer, main contractor, sub-contractor, dealer to other group of buyers. Light towers having one or more high-intensity electric lamps and a mast, can be categorized to mobile equipment for the construction industry. Mast is attaching the light while it will be installed on a trailer that comes with a genset (generator set) for the light to be electric-powered. Genset is usually engined with diesel type, while the lamps are ordinarily metal halide bulbs. Of course, genset is not the only power source for the light tower. There are several other powers too including solar, hydrogen and batt

ID Contractor Malaysia | Design & Build

Aathaworld is your preferred ID contractor in Malaysia where we can combine our interior designer role with experienced contractor service to customers, we can basically handle from head to tail kind of scope in every construction project, to keep your unnecessary hassle away. Many owners wish to engage with one party who can solve the challenges for them. As there are so many architects, consultants, engineers and interior designers in the open market, how to source and pick the most fit-to-role one is sometimes a headache mission to many end-users. From mega projects by a lot of developers, projects from a well established company despite landed properties for residential, commercial or ev

Aluminium Supplier Malaysia | Supply and Install

Aluminium is actually an element within the chemical range, symbolizer of this element are atomic number 13th and AI. Its natural properties are non-magnetic, silvery-white, ductible and soft. Aathaworld is your preferred aluminium supplier in Malaysia, covering Klang Valley and other states of the country with the inclusion of sectors from residential, commercial, industrial, facade to other functional purposes. Aluminium is actually a very lightweight metal that originally presented in a silvery-white while it is malleable as well as very soft. In addition to producing as building materials, aluminium is widely applied in other manufacturing of various kinds of products such as refrigerat

Landscape Maintenance Contractor Malaysia | New & Existing

Aathaworld is your preferred landscape maintenance contractor in Malaysia in which we can help to beautify and refurbish the outdoor overview surrounding despite building types from residential, commercial, industrial to community. It is a combination of features visible from the land area, landform, integration of man-made features and natural setup. Physical elements of defined geophysical landforms from hills, living elements on top of the land, mountains, lakes, sea, rivers and ponds. At the same time, it also covers comprehensive forms of buildings, structures, land use as well as other elements that are not permanent from weather to lighting. Physical origin of these elements must be c

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