Bungalow Contractor Malaysia | Design and Build

Bungalow contractor is a full range contractor that provides the contractor service from floor to roof and also provide the architectural and interior design. Unlike other contractors, bungalow contractor requires a lot of product and design experience to deliver a compatible result. Bungalow contractor in most cases does not necessarily have all the specialist skill but require a thorough understanding of how and when it works. Bungalow contractor also require schedule the timing for each phase such as architecture design, base build, roof, wall partition, flooring, interior design, decor furnishing, touch up, etc to ensure everything works accordingly according to plan. Bungalow contractor

Wardrobe Contractor Malaysia | Carpentry Design and Build

Wardrobe Contractor is the person in charge of carpentry work to do the installation and refurbishment work for the wardrobe furniture. The is because most of the wardrobe is made from wood either the surface of the framework. The wardrobe has also added in with different cladding material to increase its aesthetical value, such as using glasses, vinyl, steel, aluminum, paint, etc. To build a good wardrobe require a professional craftmanship to complete. Most of the time wardrobe contractor is bound with an interior designer to complete a job because to have a good looking and usable wardrobe a drawing or blueprint must be followed to avoid any wastage resources and time. After a wardrobe is

Materials Handling System Supplier Malaysia | Crane, and Hoist

The materials handling system is the heavy equipment or machine to perform lifting and repetitive task. The heavy equipment involves usually uses a hydraulic system to perform the super-strength task and is much more efficient than human power. Those heavy lifting tasks such as cement pouring, land clearing, earthmoving, suspension platform, piling, etc requires the usage of the materials handling heavy equipment. Heavy equipment is much easier to maintain and the regular schedule such as change of hydraulic fluid will ensure it has a long lifespan and lower downtime. Most of the heavy equipment involved can be rent or supply which depend either you need it regular or temporary usage. To ful

Surge Protection Device and Electrical Contractor Malaysia | Lightning Arrester Supplier

The surge protection device is a device to protect your electronic device and at the same time supply electric without fail. In the 20th century, electronic equipment or appliances is important for our daily modern usage. Most of the electronic equipment is obviously power by electric. However, dealing with electronic comes with a risk which is power surge issue. A power surge is the sudden increase in voltage that is so significantly high and way above the normal level which can cause electronic or devices fry and unusable. A power surge can cause a lot of damage to equipment that attached and sometimes it even takes life too. A power surge is meant to protect valuable product such as a com

Design & Build Company Malaysia | Supply & Construct

Design is a plan or a starting point before any construction or system is being built. It is similar to going in the jungle with a map and although you can walk into a jungle without any map it will be a waste of resource and time when you get it wrong and other possible danger threat. In construction, designs are the soul of a structure and without one, no matter how good is the contractor or engineer they will face many challenges such as work delay and accident happens promptly. In construction, the design has a few small branches such as architectural drawing, interior design, scaffolding drawing, urban design, etc which is the beginning of many section work in construction. Design is th

Electric Motor Supplier Malaysia | Supply & Maintenance

Electric Motor is the conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy. In our normal daily lives, it is used anywhere such as a vehicle, power grid, factory fabricating machine, inverters, generator set, etc. All these electric motor was designed to ease the work of labor. Some product is designed to covert fuel power to power the electric motor to provide more mechanical energy as electrical energy is constant and more reliable when coming to the regular movement of a machine. The electric motor also has lower maintenance requirements since there is lesser movement part compare to the piston and overheat is not commonly happen. However electric motor power is limited and may not perfor

Forklift Supplier Malaysia | New & Used Forklift

In the early years of warehouse, manpower is the main source of lifting and transporting the product. Human power is inefficient in carrying product such as machine, bricks, or any other material. To overcome the limitations of human powerlifting, a machine that has extra mobility and super strength is required. A forklift is the small industrial truck that able to carry and transport the product easily and efficiently. The forklift has been in operation since the early days of world war II. At those days, steel, material, ammunition, weapon, food, machine parts, construction material is very heavy to be transported after the product is manufactured in the factory which forklift can work ver

Stainless Steel Fabrication Malaysia | Supply & Install

Stainless steel is the primary resource to be used in the construction industry. It has good corrosion-resistant than zinc-coated galvanized steel and normal carbon steel. Although its price usually higher than the previous mention of steel and also the mild steel but due to its superior corrosion resistant which makes it a reliable construction material. Unlike galvanized steel, stainless steel is not coated with zinc for better corrosion-resistant but instead, it is added chromium into the steel while it still at molten state which it as an alloy. Some also refer it as inox steel. Other than construction, in civil engineering stainless steel is also the top choice because of its safety. Wh

PU Coating Supplier Malaysia | Protective Coating Specialist

PU Coating has also known as Polyurethane protective coating that usually found on much waterproof application. This is because PU is a thermosetting polymer which would not melt at hot temperature or crack on cold temperature. This allows it to have superior weather-resistant and able to serve for a long period of time.PU coating is easily applied on a different surface such as wood, tile, concrete, ceiling panel, wall, swimming pool, flooring, etc. PU coating is always compared with other similar protective coatings such as acrylic and epoxy. In general, PU has the extra advantage when applying on high traffic flooring because it has better movement absorption compare the other two applica

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