Facade Contractor Malaysia | Building Specialist

Facade construction is usually the finishes work of structure building. It emphasizes giving the building aesthetically value to capture the awe of the passerby audience. It also provide the main function of protecting the building from weather damage and protect its structural exterior surface and internal as well. A good design facade installation would also aid in green building certified as the facade component can greatly reduce the energy use by maintaining the interior temperature. Paint is the usual and classic choice of many facades works after plastering work but it is hard to retains its color when exposed to an open environment and require high maintenance fee especially on a hig

Hard Drawn Wire Supplier Malaysia | Mesh & Fence

Hard Drawn Wire is a steel coil that constantly requires supply by both manufacturing and construction usage. Hard drawn wire is mainly made up of carbon steel which is easily molded to any shape or layout for any usage. It also available in stainless steel but would be more suitable for high profile construction or production only. A hard drawn wire is easy malleable and able to form any shape and product such as wire mesh fencing, gabion care, BRC wire mesh for reinforce concrete, steel rebar, etc. Hard Drawn wire is very economical in pricing and has very high versatility. In fact, steel is the most recyclable material in the world and can be made to the same grade which allows it to be r

Polycarbonate Specialist Malaysia | Roofing & Awning

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic polymer material that is naturally good at impact resistant and heat resistant as well. It is a very strong and tough material that constantly used as safety component. The usual protective goggle is usually made from polycarbonate material due to its strong impact resistant and also light in weight. Normally goggles that are made from glass can be as good as polycarbonate material but due to the lightweight and price of polycarbonate, it is always better alternative than glass. However, polycarbonate is not totally flawless and the impact resistance comes with a huge drawback which is its abrasion or scratch resistant. This can be commonly seen on plastic pa

Powder Coating Supplier Malaysia | Coating Specialist

Powder coating is a method that uses a dry powder to apply on a metal surface by charging it with electrostatic. Upon completing the spray on the surface, it will require heating to dissolve the polymer to attach to the item surface and get cured. Powder coating can also be used on other surfaces such as wood and PVC but would require the material to withstand the heat during the curing process. Powder coating is a very fast method compare to the classic method such as paint and lamination methods. The coating is able to last very long and perform the same on bending and moving the object. Unlike paint, it would easily peel off or cracking after long exposure of vibration and moving. Which i

Kitchen Renovation Contractor Malaysia | Commercial & Residential

Kitchen is one of the major components for a house, office, factory, restaurants or even outdoor. The idea of kitchen is not just being useful but also attractive as well. To begin a full renovation of kitchen, it is usually best to demolish the old layout and design of the kitchen because it is easier to redesign using the basic structure of the kitchen and recalculate to get the best figure of the area to be used. A kitchen contains a lot of design variations such as wet kitchen and dry kitchen. The kitchen can also be placed with different layouts to suit your own usage, such as one wall layout is suitable for places with a shortage of space such as an office to implement it or a U shape

Interior Designer Malaysia | Design & Build

Interior designer in Malaysia is not easily found in Malaysia. Most of them provide their design service mainly around city areas such as Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor and Penang. Interior design services can provide for different sector such kitchen design, bathroom design, ballroom design, living room design, bedroom room design and etc. Usually the design service provided is a full range design similar to a housing have all the component to build in it. A good design must accompany with a good contractor that able to build according to design. The contractor must be able to deliver the design as per the blueprint prepared by the interior design to fulfill customer need. Aathaworld has mor

Polyurethane Floor Coating Contractor Malaysia | Supply & Apply

Polyurethane floor coating is a very common flooring protective product to be used in Malaysia. It is thermosetting polymers which make it a very reliable flooring material for outdoor applications. It has the ability of higher tear-resistant and works very well in low-temperature conditions. Polyurethane floor coating is also very easy to be installed by any flooring contractor and is able to use in just a few days. It does not require professional skills for installation and required more on the preparation part. It can come in various colors and the most popular one is grey which is very similar to concrete color. This is usually the choice for coloring since it near to concrete color and

Sanitary Ware Supplier Malaysia | Bathroom & Kitchen Specialist

Sanitary ware is the daily equipment that optimize the usage and draining of water and related accessories tools that we often used on Bathroom and kitchen. In the bathroom, the usual first thing is to install is the plumbing fixture. This is to ensure the water is to flow into it and also drain out at the same time. The most commonly used is the PVC piping that are used to connect the water supply system and draining system. A better material would be using PE piping but is more commonly used on a higher profile installation such as industry and factory. After all the piping installation that only we begin to install the sanitary ware product. Sanitary ware usually supplies in ceramic, bras

Zero Energy Building Design and Build | Off-the-Grid House

A Zero Energy Building is a building that consumes zero net energy throughout the years it operates. The idea of this zero energy building is not totally taking the building off from the power grid or installing a lot of solar panels as the power source but instead, it focuses more on reducing the energy consumption of the building and increase its efficiency. On a good day, solar energy will able to generate sufficient energy to power up the building and store the extra energy to a battery system or forward it back to the power grid. Whereas in a bad day, the building will use energy from the power grid to keep the building operates and reaches a total Net energy consumption annually. So fr

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