Quarry Supplier Malaysia | Aggregates & Sand

A quarry is a place where the activity of mining sand and aggregates took place. It is usually a place that near to Mountain or barren land. Difference quarry produces different grade and color of sand so someplace sand is white while many are yellowish or dark brown. Although the sand grade of the component might vary most would not have any issue since before a quarry is started a hired specialist would take the sand to go for testing and only if it is suitable then only the quarry will start. Places like the desert are full of sand but are mostly unsuitable for mixing it to cement or other product. The quarry can also produce different sizes of stone with a various name on it such crusher

Metal Plate Supplier Malaysia | Custom Made Steel

A metal plate is normally known as a metal sheet by many manufacturers due to its small thickness and foldable ability. The metal plate is commonly product the metal plate in a roll form to reduce space usage and transport optimization. The metal plate itself is very useful by joining with other product or material because it can reduce the total production cost and achieve the same metal feature such as hardness, easily joint and bend. A metal plate can also be used as an extra protection layer as a fire retardant and chemical resistant layer. A metal plate is also very customizable due to its thickness and coil coating availability. In Malaysia, most metal plates are produced as a cladding

Wooden Pallet Supplier Malaysia | New & Second Hand

Wooden pallet is a flat transport platform which uses as bottom layer support for lifting and arranging. Usually, the wooden pallet designs usually contain two rectangular holes to allow lifter such as a forklift, jacking device, pallet jack and etc to lift the pallet and the goods in a much safer and efficient way. It can be made from other material such as steel, plastic, composite wood and etc but usually the price and reusable is the factor of choice. Wooden Pallet is quite often found in Malaysia and many countries since its material usually are lower price such as pinewood, mixed wood, plywood and etc. Wooden Pallet also can be recyclable and reusable since it does not deteriorate easi

Poly Pipe Supplier Malaysia | Polyethylene & More

Polypipe is the production of polymer piping systems for the use of residential, commercial, civils and infrastructure sectors. Pipe main objective is to transfer flowable substance from one point to the destination such as liquid, gas, small object and possible to become the protection layer of cables connectors for communication. It is one of the most important aspects of civil constructions and urbanization. The piping applications including drainage, plumbing, water supply, water management, cable management, heating ventilation & air conditioning(HVAC), gas pipe, debris chute, gutter downpipe and etc. All industries, residential and commercial project must be equipped with poly pipes as

Guard rail Supplier Malaysia | Supply & Install

Guard rail is one of common and important product to be found on highways, bridges, road, etc to ensure keep the vehicle safe. It is also known as guide rails since it is not designed to prevent a vehicle from going off the road but more intended to steer and "guide" vehicles back onto the road. The idea also allows the guard rail to provide further protection for the pedestrian along the road and prevent head-on collision of car accidents. The guard rail is usually manufactured from a steel fabricator and the main material is made up of hot-dip galvanization to ensure the guard rail have enough strength to withstand vehicle impact force and the zinc in the hot-dip galvanization is also able

ACMV Contractor Malaysia | Industrial & Commercial

Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation ACMV Contractor is the professional practice to do heating, ventilation, and air conditioning HVAC to an internal environment. To understand this let us take a country to do an example for eg Malaysia. Malaysia is a tropical country that has a hot and humid climate throughout the years. Most of the house will need to put air conditioning to keep the house cool, comfort, and lesser polluted air. The whole concept is pretty simple but when it goes to the industrial and commercial sector the idea remains the same but the approach is another level. In a factory is it hard to determine the cause of trapped heat flow, tools, structure drawing and the ACM

Lighting Supplier Malaysia | Interior and Exterior

Lighting is commonly known to many people as light bulbs, lamps or candle. Many of us might even think that the best improvement of light is having an LED as an alternative to the traditional light bulb because it reduces electrical usage and lesser heat produces. However, too many designer and specialist, lighting is an art to optimize and design the light source of a product and emit to bright up a room in a more efficient way and give the aesthetic feel at the same time. Lighting is a design of light, the creativity of light and purpose of light to provide to space. For a start, lighting is to optimize the usage of light without harnessing too much of cost and energy. How lighting can aff

Gas Turbine Supplier Malaysia | Power Generation

A gas turbine is one the Malaysia popular electrical generator after Diesel Generator or Diesel Genset. How frequent one can see gas turbine? Well, basically when you take a flight you can always see gas turbine engine going into action. Yes, is the commercial jets turbofan engines and is run by a gas turbine. Most of the power plant that runs using natural gas, coal, oil or nuclear reactor create steam and run through the steam turbine and convert mechanical energy electrical energy. Other than gas turbine another type of generator also very popular such as water turbines and wind turbines but Malaysia has a lot of oil palm plantation which leads to the gas turbine is more popular used for

House Designer Malaysia | Design and Build

Renovation is a common method for upgrade or maintenance to many fellow Malaysian in order to upkeep their house and also ensure their house is presentable from time to time. It is also an important aspect for the investor if they wish to retain or higher resale value for their property. To ensure your house is durable and presentable then you must pay attention to the basic renovation key aspect which is design. A good house design will make your house presentable, comfort spacing and also cost saving. A good design does not guarantee a good lifestyle but a bad design will definitely make you suffer for years. To ensure the design carry out smoothly and accordingly a good collaboration betw

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